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ASEAN Center Military Medicine ( ACMM )

      The ASEAN community is established under the principles of cooperation and understanding to build upon our strengths and to increase opportunities for growth. Through these principles, we not only hope to expand our capabilities in tackling challenges in politics, security, economics, society, and culture but to strive towards our ultimate goal of achieving peace and prosperity in the region.

       Under the purviews of the ASEAN Political-Security Community Blueprint, the ASEAN Defense Ministers’ Meeting-Plus established the Experts’ Working Group (EWG). These committees are charged with overseeing the six areas of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief, Maritime Security, Counter Terrorism, Peace Keeping Operations, Humanitarian Mine Action, and Military Medicine. It has been acknowledged that Military Medicine will play a crucial role in Humanitarian Assistance Cooperation and other areas of development.

         From 2014 to 2016, the Kingdom of Thailand and the Russian Federation have the great honor of co-chairing the Expert’s Working Group on Military Medicine. During the co-chairmanship, Thailand and Russia have initiated the establishment of the ASEAN Center of Military Medicine, or ACMM, which shall facilitate coordination and cooperation among the Military Medical Services of the ASEAN Member States and Plus Countries. The ACMM will support all areas of military medical cooperation and work in tangent with related agencies such as the AHA center, Changi RHCC, and UNOCHA etc.

         The concept paper on the establishment of the ACMM was adopted at the 9th ADMM Meeting and was noted during the 26th ASEAN Summit in Langkawi, Malaysia in April 2015.

         The mission of the ACMM is to establish practical, effective, and sustainable cooperation among the military medical services of the ADMM-Plus Countries, both in normal and crisis situations.